When Carrie met David (a.k.a the ‘ABOUT’ page)

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So, I may have just subtly (or not-so-subtly) referred to myself as a combination of Carrie Bradshaw and Sir David Attenborough. BIG call. Huge call, in fact. But please – hear me out!

I was trying to think of people who I really identify with, and these two sprung to mind immediately.

On the one hand, I can relate to Carrie’s whimsical romanticism, her cute and quirky way of writing, and of course – her love of fashion, style and Magnolia Bakery. On the other, David’s (David’s, ha – like I know him!) morals, thoughts and ideas on the world, conservation, our environment and the animal kingdom really resonate with me and make me want to be a better person; someone who puts the planet and our environment first and foremost and enjoys every nook and cranny of nature and the outside world.

I want to stroll through Central Park in the highest of heels, with a copy of Vogue under my arm and a Starbucks venti moccachino in my hand; and I want to trek the Annapurna trail in the Himalayas, putting one hiking-boot-clad foot carefully in front of the other and breathing in the thinnest air in the world alongside a team of Sherpas and yaks. I want to party from dusk til dawn in Ibiza and sip champagne whilst floating in the azure ocean as the sun rises over the Mediterranean; and I want to meander from stall to stall in an Indian bazaar, sipping chai and watching on in amazement at the goings on in the Ganges.

Throughout my life I have been constantly conflicted by wanting to do a bit of this ….. but also a bit of that. What I have come to realise just recently is that maybe, after all, it’s not such a conflict after all?

Well folks, that’s what we’re here to find out.

And so I give to you: Everyday, Cake.* I intend on this blog being a culmination of my experiences, adventures, travels, ideas and whimsical Carrie-esque thoughts on everything that this crazy thang we call LIFE consists of.

The birth of this blog comes at the perfect moment: I am about to head off into the unknown (the unknown being Zululand, in South Africa) to work for a month as a volunteer with a team of wildlife conservationists, something which I will share more about in due course. From South Africa , I’ll head to the UK and live with my extended family in Bournemouth, on the South-West coast. I’ll meet my sister (a.k.a soul mate) there and we’ll travel as much of Europe (and the rest of the world) as humanly possible.

Our time frame? Well, that’s the best bit – we don’t have one.

Finally the adventures I have wanted to take, the life I have dreamed of, and the inspiration I have yearned for in order to spend my life writing about what I love, is right on my doorstep. So, fasten your seat-belts and get yourself comfortable. It’s going to be one helluva ride.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!

……. Oh wait just a second – were you expecting an actual ‘About’ page? Yikes. Ok, well here’s a couple facts about moi to tide you over:

– Kerrie Patricia Felton a.k.a Cakey.

– Born in Bermuda and feel that this makes me part Pirate. Peg-legged, hook-for-a-hand, eye-patched Pirate as opposed to the modern day variety.

– Have lived in New Zealand since I was 2.5 years old.

– Journalist.

– Also qualified in Veterinary Nursing and Travel, Tourism & Business studies.

– Oh, there was also one year of Criminology at one stage too. Let’s not go there though….

– Sufferer of Peter Pan Syndrome. I don’t want to grow up. EVER.

– Chronic sufferer of Wanderlust. Dreaming of travelling keeps me awake at night.

– Fast talker, fast writer. Slow in almost every other respect.

– Obsessed with changing my hair.

– Old school romantic.

– Wannabe bohemian.

– I love nothing more than telling a good yarn.

– Animal lover.

– Dreamer.

– Free spirit.

– Internet-meme and literature wise I am a lover of anything silly and ridiculous; and anything bone-chillingly terrifying.

– Heart on my sleeve.

– Massive fear of most things. Especially flying – which doesn’t bode well for my wanderlust issues.

– You’ll find out more as we embark on this epic blogging journey, I’m sure.

*I won’t go into details regarding the name right now, I get what it means but am unsure how to describe it. I think that will come in time though, and when it does I will share.


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