#FASH Friday

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A few of my favourite fash-y things from the last two weeks….

–> A monotone look for a job interview. As much as you may want to flaunt your on-trend look to a potential boss, it really is best to keep it simple and classic. You can’t go wrong with black and white, and you can still give it your own twist with a statement necklace or pair of heels.

–> Accessories galore. I’m a huge fan of using accessories to make a statement, no matter how simple my outfit is otherwise. Lately I’ve been loving spikes and neon (especially in the form of earrings), stacker rings, chunky chain necklaces and floral crowns.

–> Finally being able to curl my hair. After a shockingly epic haircut/colour FAIL in March, I have been letting my cropped locks grow out ever so slightly, and now only get the underneath shaved (yep, an undercut a la teenage boys everywhere circa 1995). I love an edgy look when it comes to hair, but have been softening it up by adding a couple of curls which – when teamed with big hoops and a sport-luxe ensemble – can look just as chic and edgy.

–> Denim, denim, denim, tee shirts, and more denim. I love a good pair of jeans and have been satisfying my addiction by buying multiple pairs from Primark. Their soft denim fits like a dream and is available in my leg length (read:short). Combined with the £10 price tag, it doesn’t really matter if they only last a season. I also scored an AMAZE pair of white and Aztec print cropped jeans from the Zara sale. So chic. I’m loving the Primark boyfriend tees which come in standard colours as well as some cool prints. Perfect combined with a skinny jean and ankle boots or a platform heel.

–> Sneaker wedges and cowboy boots. My winter shoe wardrobe is off to a great start, after scoring a £10 pair of sneaker wedges in a Topshop sale, and a £20 pair of leather ankle boots from the Zara sale. I know most people equate sneaker wedges to being on a par with Crocs but I have wanted a pair since Isabel Marant brought them out three years ago. For £10 I’ll be the one laughing.

–> Not having to wear pants (as in trousers). Obviously you probably won’t get away with this if you have to actually leave the house and be accountable for on a daily basis. But while I’m at home looking for jobs on the Internet, blogging and obsessing over Instagram, I see absolutely nothing wrong with parading around in a hoody, socks and my Calvin Kleins.

What are your favourite fash things at the moment?

Cakey x

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